I am Steven Fenner.  My friends call me Steve, some call me Fenner, I prefer Steve but it doesn’t really matter.  I don’t like to see pictures of myself because I don’t recognize the guy with the thinning hair, the wrinkles on his face or the jowls that seem to be forming on either side of his chin.  In my mind’s eye I’m 25.  I suppose there isn’t much I can do about aging except fight it where I can and accept it when I must.   I thought the whole youth-for-experience trade would be more fair.

I’ve done some stuff:  I’ve been a lifeguard, a farm hand, a laborer, a cadet, a salesperson, a short order cook (for about five-minutes), a factory worker, a gas station attendant, a college student, a college graduate (3x), a cop, an adjunct professor, a lawyer, a small business owner, a sailor and a Seabee, most recently an international advisor.  I think I liked student the best, but it paid the worst.  I never have been a fighter pilot or an architect, which I think is odd because those were what I really wanted to be as a child, I guess the Rolling Stones were right.

Been a few places, almost every state, parts of Europe (a lot of the Balkans) and the Middle East.  I’ve spent about a year in Iraq, which wasn’t as bad as most people think.   I spent a year in Kosovo which was definitely a lot better than most people would think.   There are a lot of places and things I haven’t seen that I’d like to, which is probably what brought me to my current job.  If someone had come up to me in High School and said “In about 30 years you will be an attorney and international advisor in Kosovo” I would have said, “What are you smoking and who is Kosovo?”  Life is funny that way, you just have to strap in and enjoy the ride.

Most of the advisor’s here retired from a previous career, most were cops.  That makes me one of the younger people at work.  My boss has mentioned (a couple of times) that when the younger people do international advisor work they are usually running from something.  I don’t know about “most people.”   I suppose I’m running from boredom and maybe from “a life of quiet desperation.”  I’d like to think I’m running to something, I just don’t know what it is yet…



4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Steve, found your info and reviews on Paris – because I went looking for it.  Do you post it for us to find and read or do you actually send it out to everyone on your email list?  Wish you’d actually email it or let us know you’ve added something to see/read.  Glad you enjoyed Paris.  Hope you had comfortable shoes – it’s a great city to walk and the metro is quite helpful.  So many other great cities out there to see and explore!Cheers, Richard

  2. Dear Mr. Fenner,
    I like your site for your very personal way of sharing experience. As another advisor/expat (from Germany), Rolling Stones fan ad not having been a cop, I am now stranded in Gjirokastra, southern Albania, and I feel I can understand what you are talking about.
    I am presently editing a book about four historic towns in the Western Balkans, including Prizren, as part of a regional EU Project raising awareness about cultural heritage. Would you allow us using your splendid photo of the filigree in our book? We can’t pay fees but you will be credited and receive 2 author’s copies.
    Looking forward to hearing from you
    with best regards

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