27 August 2011, Day trip to Ulpiana and Gracanica Monastery

Ruins of the Temple and cemetery at Ulpiana near Gracanica Kosovo

Every now and again the Embassy sponsors a trip to some local place of cultural significance.  Recently I went with a small group to tour the Roman ruins at Ulpiana and later the Serbian Orthodox Monastery at Gracanica.  The town of Gracanica is about 15 minutes south of Pristina and the ruins of Ulpiana are just a short drive outside of Gracanica on (or more correctly under) some farmland….


2 thoughts on “27 August 2011, Day trip to Ulpiana and Gracanica Monastery

  1. Hi Steve. Don’t know if you recall or not, but I once told you that I lived in Gracanica. My house was on the right hand side as you entered the “city limits”. First road on the right and then the next first road on the right. My house would have been the third on on the right, little two story with the wrought iron fence. Not that you were probably interested, but just thought it was neat that you were in my ole area. I really liked the place. So how is it going? I’m supposed to be heading to Africa in a couple days. Take care.

    1. Hi Rose;

      I do vaguely remember you telling me about your place in Kosovo, at the time Gracanica didn’t mean a lot to me but now that I am here it is interesting to know where you lived while you were here. How cool is it that you good friend is now President?!? Good luck in Africa.

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