I did a Google search for my name today, I do that every once in a while just to see what turns up.  This freaked me out a little, a middle-aged guy named Stephen C. Fenner died in a plane crash a few years back.  Reading the obit, it really could have been me if my life had taken a slightly different turn 29 years ago, weird…

“Stephen C. Fenner, 43, year old, native of Griffin, Georgia, died Thursday, September 8, 2005 as a result of an airplane accident. Stephen graduated from Monroe Academy in Forsyth, GA, then from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, FL. Class of 1984. He was an avid fan of general aviation and was taught to fly by his father when he was 16. Stephen was a member of the 165th Airlift Wing, Georgia Air National Guard, Savannah, Georgia from 1988-2000. As a C-130 Aircraft Commander, Stephen was involved in many military operations to include Desert Storm. His flying career also inlcude piloting the B-727 for FedEx and later the F-100 and B-737 for U.S. Airways. Stephen was currently employed by a hotel resort company to help manage and develop a World Class Resort on Norman’s Cay in the Bahamas and was the company’s pilot, Stephen is survived by his four children, 9 year olds, Jesse, Natalie, Stephanie and Zachary, “Mama and Daddy”, retired Northwest Airlines pilot Ramon Carey Fenner and Margaret Montgomery Fenner, he also leaves behind his three sisters, Durae, Carey, and Jan. Stephen’s passing is a great loss to his family and to those he touched with his immeasurable zest for life and it’s many challenges. The family welcomes flowers and/or donations to the Stephens Fenner Memorial Fund.”

Its been six-years but my condolences to the family.


7 thoughts on “Obituary

  1. Steve, glad you’re still with us. Condolences to Steve’s family. If he was flying, he was doing what he loved. RIP

    1. I went hiking to some old fortress ruins on top of a mountain outside of town near the airport. Other than that I really didn’t go anywhere. Next week-end is a day trip to Prizren though.

  2. I found your comment while searching info on the crash of my past dear friend and lover. We were in high school together and dated seriously for 3 years.
    Great memories together. You should be honored to share his name.

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