Reaction in Kosovo to the Frankfurt Shooting

I’m not trying to beat a dead horse here but here are a couple of summaries I read today in the local press:

KOSOVO PARLIAMENT MOMENT OF SILENCE FOR FRANKURT VICTIMS. In today’s session, the Kosovo Assembly condemned the act of killing of two U.S. military pilots at the airport in Frankfurt by Arid Uka yesterday. On behalf of the Members of Parliament, Assembly Speaker Jakup Krasniqi expressed deepest condolences to the American people and the families of the pilots killed. The MPs honored with a moment of silence the two victims of the violent act in Frankfurt, reports KohaNet.

PEJA CITIZENS HONOR FRANKFURT VICTIMS. Peja Square on Thursday was filled with candles, which are lit to honor two American soldiers who were killed Wednesday in Germany by a young man originating from Mitrovica, reports Telegrafi online. Numerous citizens have joined the Mayor of Peja, Ali Berisha and representatives of business in the city of Peja. While expressing their condolences to the families of those killed and all the American people, citizens of Peja condemned this criminal act. Furthermore, it was said that the people of Kosovo were always grateful for the support that the American people gave to Kosovo, reports Telegrafi online. Also the relatives of Arid Uka, who allegedly killed two American soldiers and wounded two others, are shocked with what happened, writes Express online. Although, their contacts were not so regular with Arid’s family, they condemn the attack on American soldiers. Behgjet, Arid’s cousin, told Express that he would be happier if he did something like that to their family than what happened to American soldiers, reports Express online.


One thought on “Reaction in Kosovo to the Frankfurt Shooting

  1. Steve,

    Thanks for the updates and information…It’s good to know that Arid Uka’s countrymen condemn his actions, and are sorry for what he did…

    Without your on-the-scene insight as to what the normal people in Kosovo are thinking and feeling, I would have probably assumed a more cynical “Task Force Ranger” reaction from the local populace…

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