A Few Words About the Shooting in Germany

As you probably know two American service members were killed and two more wounded yesterday by a 21-year-old Kosovar-Albanian Muslim who apparently got on the bus the Americans were in and started shooting.  I believe that in the U.S., by-in-large he is reported as a Muslim or Islamic Terrorist acting alone.  If that is the case I should probably leave it at that.  However…

When my assistant, came to work this morning he looked tired and unshaven, the first thing he did was apologize to me about the shooting.  I asked why he was apologizing and he said that he felt terrible that the shooter was a Kosovar Albanian; he wanted to assure me that the people of Kosovo love Americans and in no way sympathize with the shooter.  During the course of the day he apologized a couple of more times and eventually told me that he was so upset about the shooting that he couldn’t sleep last night.  I really think he meant it.  During the day a couple of other Kosovar Albanians mentioned the shooting and told me how sorry they were about it, again telling me they and their fellow countrymen in no way sympathize with the gunman and they were horrified by the shooting.  The Kosovar Parliament today observed a moment of silence in honor of the American Airmen that were killed yesterday.

During my two months here I have found the Kosovar Albanians are some of warmest, most good-hearted people I have met.  Almost all of them are ostensibly Muslim but they are the Methodists of the Muslim world.  They identify strongly with their ethnic (Albanian) heritage not as much with their religion which is pretty far down their list of things that have their immediate attention.  In spite of the poverty and the deprivations these people have suffered, and the horrors many of them endured in the last war I have never felt threatened or in any type of danger from any of them.  The people here really do like Americans, just because we’re Americans.  Unfortunately I don’t think you can say that about too many places in the world any more.  

So whatever the motivations were for the idiot in Germany that killed those Americans, It had nothing to do with his nationality, please don’t hold it against the Kosovars.  They are a lot more upset about this than most Americans are.  If you hear anyone badmouthing Kosovars about this shooting please set them straight.   That’s just my two cents.

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