Bulgarian Ski Week-end, Part II

Me at the Top of the Bansko Resort in Bulgaria.

     What a day!  I got up this morning and went to breakfast.  I met Darrel and Beth and after breakfast we took the shuttle to the Bansko Ski Resort.  We rented all our equipment for about $15.00 for the day and went on got ski-lift tickets for about $40.00, took the gondola up to the top of the mountain and skied until about 4:00 p.m. 

     The resort was great, the lifts were great and the skiing was good.  There wasn’t as much snow as you’d have the west in the US but the mountains seemed every bit as high and rugged.  The weather started off cloudy and snowing but eventually the sun came out and it was a beautiful day.  The temperature was as warm as it could be without melting the snow.  As an added bonus they were having a downhill racing world cup event today and tomorrow so there was a lot going on to see and we were able to watch some of the racing while we skied.  It has been several years since I skied and I am sure I will feel it tomorrow (I already feel it) but it was a lot of fun.  How many people in Missouri can say they’ve skied Bulgaria?  I would definitely come back here. 

     The town seems pretty developed and there are lots of restaurants and bars to go to.  I am not sure what, if anything we are going to do tonight.  Dinner is included in the price of the room so we will probably eat here.  I am getting ready to go to the spa, take a sauna and soak in the hot baths for a while.


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