Bulgarian Ski Week-end, Part I:

     I’ve only been back in Pristina three days and I’m leaving again, this time it is a week-end bus trip to a ski resort in Bulgaria.  The United Nations sponsors week-end bus trips to various locations that are within driving distance of Pristina and they had one going to Bulgaria this week-end.  I have no plans in Pristina so I figured “why not?”  The price was right, less than 150E  for the bus, a four star hotel for two nights including dinner and breakfast.  I just wanted to go to explore but I bought a “North face” coat and ski pants (“North face” is in quotes because the authenticity is dubious) so I will probably ski at least half a day.  Right now I’m on the bus going thorough Macedonia.  Macedonia, thus far, looks a whole lot like Kosovo but for some reason there is no snow here.  I suspect that will change when we get to Bulgaria.  I talked to one of the Eulex attorneys who is from Bulgaria yesterday and he said the ski resort we are going to is nice and very modern.  I will keep, you posted…

After two lengthy border crossings and a long stretch following a snow plow, we made it to the “resort” two hours later than expected.  The hotel seems nice enough though hardly the 4-stars it was advertised as.  The shower in my bathroom has no shower stall, there is just a drain in the middle of the bathroom floor.  I have not seen that before.  We are in Zulu +2 time zone so it is an hour later here than Pristina.  After getting here we went and found a place to eat dinner and actually had a very good pork chop and met four or five of our fellow travelers from Pristina, two Americans, a Brit, a Finn and a Hungarian.  It is almost 2:00 here so I need to get to bed.  More tomorrow…


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