Kosovo Independence Day

Current coat of arms of Kosovo
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     Today is the Kosovar’s Independence Day.  It is their third one.  There are celebrations scheduled and it would be interesting to participate in the festivities.  While I am certainly not an expert on the politics of Kosovo I think the festivities are tempered somewhat by the inability, thus far, of their elected officials to form a government.  If the parliament is unable to elect a president after three tries there will have to be another public vote.  It seems possible that this could happen since none of the coalitions formed by the various parties have a strong majority.  The recent elections had a number of irregularities and at least some fraud was widely suspected.

     The country probably doesn’t need more elections right now and there seems to be a growing frustration in the public with the political situation and the general fraud seems to permeate the government. People talk a lot about the corruption; I haven’t personally witnessed any, though it does seem that all the Politicians end up wealthy while the average Kosovar makes about 200 Euros a month. Multi-national corporations won’t invest here yet because of the corruption and though the Kosovars seem individually resourceful and able to get things done, they have no real organized manufacturing or large-scale businesses within Kosovo. They really need to develop this or be able to draw in international business if they are ever going to survive as a country. I really hope for the best for them and I hope they can pull things together, do away with the corruption and get on the right track.  The international aid organizations have been here 10 years or more now and they are tiring of continuing to give aid with only marginal improvements.


The immediate effect this holiday has had on me is that I have the day off. I actually went to work for about ½ day since I am taking tomorrow and Monday off. I am off Monday for the (US) President’s holiday. So I am packed and ready to leave for Paris in an hour and a half. I am hoping for a good trip. I have made lots of plans and the weather looks like it is going to cooperate for the most part. I am going to be gone for five days and am taking only a small carry on. I hope I planned the packing well. I am looking forward to getting to Paris and having a few days to explore.


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