Paris Here I Come!

Well, for me the big news of the week was that I have two holidays coming up over the next week-end.  February 17th is the Kosovar Independence Day, and February 21st is President’s Day.  That means if I take Friday the 18th off I can have a five-day week-end.  I went online and as luck would have it Easy Jet had tickets to Geneva Switzerland for less than 200E.  Upon looking further I found that for an extra 30E I could fly to Paris. 

Sooooo, I am off to Paris on the 17th for a long week-end.  Have I mentioned lately that I love my life?  If only I had a female companion to visit Paris with life would be just about perfect.  I have booked a hotel (one of Rick Steve’s two favorites) near the Eiffel Tower and plan to spend a day sighting, a day at the Louvre and a day at Versailles.   I have to spend a night in Geneva on the trip home (that’s funny did you see that I wrote I have to spend a night in Geneva, get to is more like it).  Geneva is such a clean city you can eat off the sidewalks, I love the Swiss.  It was tough deciding where to go and after I booked the trip I found out I could have gone to Budapest for three days and stayed at a five-star spa for less than half what the trip to Paris will cost.  Well, there will be other holidays…


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