Trip to the Bazaar..

Yesterday I hung around the flat until 10:30 then went with Beth, one of the OPDAT Legal Advisors, here and a friend of hers to a supermarket.  There are at least several of those in and around Pristina, so they are not unheard of here.  You can get pretty much anything you want at these grocery stores.  They are not on par with a Wal-Mart Supercenter or even a Dillon’s or Price Cutter’s.  They are more like a Smillie’s IGA but with a larger range of items but smaller selection within each type.  I bought a bunch of groceries and cleaning supplies at the Supermarket and Beth dropped me back off at my flat. 

In the afternoon I walked down the Dragodan stairs to town and got a haircut (4 Euros).  The barber was a young guy who spoke very good English.  When he found out I was an American he wanted to talk politics.  He is very frustrated with the corruption of his government officials and wants to throw them out.  He seemed to think demonstrations were a good idea.  He was pro-American but didn’t know why the Americans were dealing with the corrupt officials and why it is taking so long for Kosovo to gain a fully functional government.  I did my best to stay quietly non-committal while being friendly.  I don’t know the answers to any of those problems, thought he seemed to accurately state them.  Somehow the Kosovars seem to think that Americans have all the answers.  I fear they may eventually be disappointed, of course they believe we are doing much more for them than the EU.  I have not talked to a Kosovar yet that likes EULEX, which seems odd since they really want to be part of the EU.

After the haircut I walked a few blocks to an open air bazaar.  I am not sure what the Albanians (Kosovars) call it but it is like a scene out of  “Casablanca” or an “Indiana Jones” movie.  All kinds of food, spices, fabrics, clothing, tools, electronics, etc., are for sale here.  I guess the legality of many of these items is suspect, as is the quality, but there is a lot of interesting stuff there.  Lots of people bargaining, exchanging money, moving goods around, people in the shadows and alleyways.  It was a feast for the senses and definitely reminds you that you are in a foreign country.  It is kind of a mix between a flea market and a farmers market but not that close to either.  I didn’t buy anything but it was fun. 

I haven’t done much today but watch the King’s Speech, which I downloaded a few days ago.  My laptop has an HDMI output and my TV has an input which makes watching movies on the computer much, much better.  I just need a 15’ HDMI cable so I don’t have to move my computer from it’s current location whenever I want to watch a movie.  I spent some time working today as well.


One thought on “Trip to the Bazaar..

  1. I will watch the game, it starts in about an hour. I envy your experiences in the country. Have a good time.

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